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© 2021 Tashkent International Film Festival

Photo & Video

Unique archive video of the Tashkent Film Festival-1968
"The spirit of Tashkent is the spirit of friendship!"
Guests from India, Algeria, the USSR and Turkey are on the podium on the opening day of the festival
General Director of the Tashkent Film Festival, A.A. Abdullayev opens a press-conference
Performer of the main role in the film "Seddo" (Senegal) Tabara N'diaye at a meeting with residents
Popular Turkish actress Turkan Shoray
Japan and Turkey filmmakers with festival honorary prizes
Festival guests in Samarkand
Guests from Niger give autographs
Rishi and Raj Kapoor in Tashkent
Indian actor Rishi Kapoor signs autographs for Uzbek audiences - admirers of his talent
Creative group of the joint Uzbek-Indian film "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves"
Uzbek actress Gulchexra Jamilova
Indian cinematograpers delegation in Samarkand
Actor and director Komil Yormatov
Guests of the Bukhara Film Festival
Turkmen film director Khojakuli Narliev
Chilian filmmaker Sebastian Alarcón
Archival filming of the first Uzbek photographer and cameraman Khudoybergan Devonov
Film director Malik Kayumov at the new Tashkent House of Cinema
Guests of Tashkent are filmmakers from three continents
Film director Semben Usman (Senegal)
Indian actress Shabana Azmi
Senegalese director Paulin Suman Vieyra
Film festival stars with Irina Miroshnichenko
Both of geniuses: Sergey Gerasimov and Malik Kayumov
Japanese actor Tosiro Mifune and director Stanislav Rostotskiy
Peace and friendship film festival